We are vegan cyber engineers and technology evangelists.

We believe in creating relationships before business. This is why when you think about getting a new system or help with your current infrastructure, our team will come and meet with you. We will look at the way you work, will listen to your needs, and will bring to you the best solutions.

Our business starts with good people.
Specialized in telecommunications, data centers, network security, open sources, and programming. We work with government agencies, small and medium business, and non profit organizations.

The coronavirus presents businesses with unique challenges. In order to protect the health of your employees and customers, we can help your company with two solutions:

1) Helping you setup your remote employees with virtual phones, which will allow them to make and receive calls to/from your customers at any time in the day, and keep in touch with any other remote employee. Our system offers conference calls, transfers, voicemail, call center capabilities, online chat, etc etc..

2) Helping your IT department to switch your data center essentials to cloud based solutions, which will allow everybody in the company to access data, and will allow your IT staff to manage remotely all servers without physically being present in the data center.

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